Sunday, April 10, 2011

Planned Improvements At Boxhorn

Many people are probably wondering what types of improvements can be expected at the club. A few things have already been done or are in progress, and many more are planned.  Here's a comprehensive list of all current and future planned improvements (NOTE: all of the future improvements are subject to change, and the below list may not be all-inclusive):

Changes made to date:
  • Seating - The old leather bench that took up the entire upper half of the club has been removed and replaced with temporary tables and chairs...see below for the future state of the seating
  • TV in the Bar - The flat screen monitor behind the bar now has the ability to display the television programming
  • External Paint - The outside of the club is having the old surface prepped to get a fresh paint job
Planned changes (by Memorial Day):
  • New Seating Throughout - New upper level tables and chairs as well as new barstools in the bar are ordered...they are being custom made (in Wisconsin).  To see examples, visit this website.
  •  A Deck - A new deck will be built on the east side of the clubhouse to allow for more outdoor space to kick back
  • Windows in the Bar - New windows are going to be installed facing the lake to brighten up the bar area enhance the view
  • Lights on the Line - New lighting will be installed along the whole trap line
  • Mic Tune-up - All microphones are being tuned up and will be back in service by the second week of summer leagues
As you can see, there are some drastic changes on the horizon. It looks like they will be complete by the time of the Wisconsin Southeast Zone Championships on the weekend of June 11th and 12th!

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Dave Eberhart said...

looks like it should be very nice

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