Sunday, May 1, 2011

Final Score: Wind 1, Trapshooters 0 (Boxhorn ATA Shoot Recap for May 1st, 2011)

This guy made an unwelcome appearance at Boxhorn today...

Boxhorn held its first ATA shoot of the year today, and I think most can agree that they are glad it's over. As I write this recap, the winds in Muskego are blowing at 17 MPH out of the west, and gusting up to 30 MPH. I only wish the winds were that tame during our event. I didn't check to see what the numbers were during the day, but they were definitely higher, and it was blowing from the south.

As one might guess, the scores and attendance were down.  A bunch of people showed up to shoot, but only 8 people were brave enough to step up to the challenge.  No one was brave enough to attempt the handicap or doubles, however.  The top three singles scores from today were:
  • Paul Dombeck - 90
  • Jordan Hintz - 88
  • Richard Kruck - 85
Eight entries is surely disappointing from the gun club's perspective, but it was still good to have the shoot and work some of the early season kinks out of our system.  Things ran really smooth, and we remembered what we were doing! Kudos to everyone who braved the wind and shot, and thanks to all the others who came out to socialize and shoot the breeze.

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