Sunday, July 11, 2010

Boxhorn ATA Wrap-up: 7/11/2010

Believe it or not, MEC called me Thursday afternoon and asked me to go up there at the last second. I will post about that very soon, but since it was a last second call, I was not entirely prepared and need a couple more days to finalize some details.

Instead, this post is about today's ATA event at Boxhorn Gun Club. The plan for the day was 200 singles, 100 handicap, and 50 pair of doubles. Janesville and Weston were also having shoots today, so it wasn't clear what kind of turnout we would have, especially since we were offering 200 targets in the singles event. The hope was that $15 targets would help bring people in despite all of the other concerns.

Our last few shoots, we had trouble getting people through the door early enough to get things started on time. Today, we didn't really have that problem. We had one person signed up on the first squad, which we were able to move to the third squad so he didn't have to shoot alone. This allowed us to start the day off with the second squad.

We had a bunch of people come in that only wanted to shoot the first hundred of the singles. I had anticipated there would be a few people who would want to do this, but there were a few more than expected. We did a decent job keeping these people squadded together so that other shooters wouldn't be affected when these people didn't show up for the second hundred. Many people were unaware that we were having 200 singles, so if we have another event with this format, we will have to communicate better.

I think the 200 singles also affected the number of entries we got in other events. We had 6 full squads of singles (28 entries, 10 of which only shot the first hundred), 5 partial squads of handicap (20 entries), and almost 2 full squads of doubles (9 entries). We threw a total of 7500 targets, which is about what we did on one of our better $15 target days earlier this year. The targets were set pretty well, but there was a steady breeze from the south which would flatten them out from time to time.

The day ran pretty smoothly considering we had 400 program targets, and we were able to finish shooting the doubles at about 4:15 PM. I think that's the earliest we've finished one of our shoots this year. We ended up doing a shotgun start in the handicap, which probably cut 45 minutes off of the end of the day. Doubles was run on two traps, and since we only had two squads, they went very quick.

The weather was pretty good overall. The temperature got up there a little, but since it was partially cloudy, there were many times where it felt a few degrees cooler than what the thermometer read. Scores were pretty good, and we even saw a few faces that hadn't visited us yet this year. A couple of young guys who came in with their fathers hoping to shoot practice ended up shooting the first hundred in the singles, and both broke their first ever registered 25-straight! Robert Klade broke a 93 and Taylor Kojis broke TWO 25-straights in his round, breaking 96.  Here they are shortly after receiving their 25-straight patches.

Now to the results. Below are some of the top scores from each event. Thanks to all who came out and I hope everyone had fun.

Bob Okray - 197
Michael Monahan - 196
Linda Reimer - 194
Edward Kerwin - 193
Bryon Fennig - 192
Bob Klobuchar - 192

Charles Zwicke - 93 (25.5)
Bob Klobuchar - 93 (24.5)
Donald Liedtke - 93 (22.5)
Bryon Fennig - 93 (23)
Jordan Hintz - 91 (22)
Robert Hunter - 90 (20)

Dan Murphy - 97
Dale Reimer - 94
Bob Okray - 93
Charles Zwicke - 92
Bob Klobuchar - 91
Jordan Hintz - 90

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