Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2011 Wisconsin Southeast Zone Shoot Recap

I apologize for the late posting of these results, but I had to leave the Zone Shoot on Sunday around noon in order to get to the airport for a week in Florida with Melissa...

The 2011 Wisconsin Southeast Zone Shoot was held at Boxhorn Sportsman's Club on the weekend of June 11th and 12th.  With the poor attendance at most registered shoots across the state, we were unsure what type of turnout we were going to have.  In the end, the attendance was right around what it was last year when Waukesha Gun Club hosted the shoot, so we were very happy!

No shoot ever runs perfectly smooth, so let's talk about the issues we had before highlighting the good.  The traps were all in top-top shape for the start of the shoot, save for the machine in Trap 8 which Rick and his crew were able to swap out fairly quickly for a more reliable trap.  There was also an issue with cross-calls on Trap 2, which is due to the fact that Trap 1 is angled in towards Trap 2.  Nothing a few styrofoam coffee cups couldn't fix.  Then there was the AJ's Bar employee that thought it was a good idea to use the leaf blower immediately behind traps 6 through 8 during the Singles Championship, but we finally scared him off.  There was an issue with an incorrect score which was the fault of the trap help, but there was nothing that could be done about it at the time because the issue wasn't fixed on the line in time.  To top it off, we had a batch of targets which were very brittle and broke so easily that it caused us some issues on a couple of traps in the Doubles Championship.  Once we cleared the turrets, the issues pretty much went away.

You never want to have issues, but as far as issues go, these were pretty minor and didn't have much impact considering the size of the shoot.

Now on to the good.  We registered 38,000 targets, and they were all set pretty well considering there was a tricky breeze all weekend (nice job, Rick!).  The sign-up and shoot administrative tasks were all handled through the 3S shooting software, and it worked flawlessly thanks to all the volunteer help Dick and Arlene Otto gave us...thanks Ottos!  Brad Patterson gave a lot of his time to help run the shoot as well, which we really appreciated.  Most of the shooters that experienced the previously mentioned problems were very patient and showed great sportsmanship.  A big thank you to all of you!  Everyone seemed to have a good time, and the scores were pretty good.

The big winner that weekend was Steve Wolf, who won the Southeast Zone Singles, Doubles, and All-Around championships!  Nice shooting Steve!  Nick Thanos also performed well, considering he was recently laid up after many surgeries following his roofing accident.  He and Mary each won three trophies!  Paul Traxler won 4 out-of-zone trophies and also won a share of the open High Overall trophy (which he split with his friend Shannon Dempsey)!

The full shoot results are on the WTA website and were also posted in the Journal-Sentinel and the Waukesha Freeman, but in case you missed them, they can be seen at this link:

In other news, Brad didn't run for reelection, and no one stepped up to run.  This likely means that the WTA Board will appoint someone to fill his post.

Thanks again to everyone who came out and made this shoot such a success.  We look forward to hosting it again in 2013!  Our next and final registered shoot of the 2011 season is on Saturday, July 23rd.  To see our regular ATA program, visit this link:

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