Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Check me out on TrapshootingOnline.com!

I have recently started contributing articles to a new trapshooting site called Trapshooting Online.  The segment is called Ask The All-Americans and is similar in format to the Trap & Field Magazine article of the same name.  It's meant to give people insight into what it takes to be an All-American, and I hope it will be entertaining as much as it is informative.  The other contributors are Dean Spiridon, founder of Trapshooting Online and an All-American trapshooter, and Joe Pascoe, another All-American trapshooter.

The first submission from me was posted today, so head on over to TrapshootingOnline.com to see the article.  While you are there, create an account, navigate to my profile and add me as a friend!  You can also head over to Facebook and click the Like button on the Trapshooting Online Facebook page in order to see all of the latest updates in your Facebook feed.

The articles from Dean, Joe, and myself will post multiple times per week, so be sure to see how the other guys respond to the questions!

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AL Maxey said...

Excellent! Hope this is successful an can expand!

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