Sunday, March 7, 2010

Details about the $100,000 shoot off at the Grand

I should have checked before I posted about this shoot off.  It now sounds like it's going to be a shoot off between the 9 winners of the various handicaps throughout the week.  You would most likely shoot from your present yardage, so if you won a handicap at the 22 yard line and got a punch to the 24.5, you would compete in the shoot off from the 24.5 yard line.

As I said before, this shoot off has been made possible by Bill and Lee Ann Martin.  I believe it's the same Bill Martin from the Vernal Gun Club in Utah.  This is such a generous donation, I think every member of the ATA should personally thank them.  Luckily, has setup an easy way for shooters to do just that.  Just visit this link, and use the form to send them your thanks.

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