Sunday, March 7, 2010

The weather is breaking...I'm thinking about shooting

In Wisconsin, we really only get about three months of good trapshooting weather.  Once those are over, I essentially go into hibernation.  I don't mind shooting in cold weather, but it just feels like so much more work to get myself put together and haul all of my stuff to the club to shoot.

Money probably has something to do with it as well.  I don't need to tell you that trapshooting can be expensive.  For me right now, I look at it as an expense more than a hobby.  That's probably because I'm carrying a good amount of debt from college still, and my fiancee (Melissa) and I just bought a new house that really tests the limits of our current salaries.  Plus we're saving for the wedding...  I'm sure everyone has their own financial reasons for not shooting as much as they'd like.

Eventually, I'll be at a place in life where I can devote more time to shooting.  I'd love to get back out on the circuit and make the All-American team again.  Maybe travel to some baby Grands and state shoots.  I ultimately want to be a factor again...I know I have the ability, I just need to make the time.  For now, I'll just shoot a few shoots here and there, and make my normal appearances at the state shoot and the Grand.

Speaking of the Grand, I just read my "Post One" e-mail from the ATA and saw that Bill and Lee Ann Martin have donated $100,000 to be awarded in a shoot off this year.  Wow!  That's life changing money for most people.  Even after taxes, you're still looking at a large amount.  It sounds like one person will be chosen from each handicap event held throughout the tournament (there are nine) and they will all shoot off for the money on August 14th.  I wonder how they're going to pick the nine individuals.  From the description at the ATA website, it sounds kind of random.

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