Monday, May 3, 2010

First ATA event of 2010 at Boxhorn

The first ATA shoot of the year at Boxhorn Gun Club is over, and by and large, it was a great success.  I was expecting to have two or three squads in both singles and handicap, and maybe one squad of doubles.  Instead, we had eight squads of singles, seven squads of handicap, and four squads of doubles.

44 shooters making 82 entries...8,200 targets shot.  I definitely didn't expect that kind of turnout for a shoot in early May in Wisconsin.  We were trying something new to get shooters to come back after a few lackluster years of registering ATA targets at the club.  We were offering $15.00 per hundred targets PLUS a free lunch and beverage with entry into any of the day's events.  This, along with the beautiful weather (including only a light breeze), must have been enough to get people to come out.

Since we weren't offering any trophies, I didn't expect there to be many category shooters.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that we had a handful of junior/sub-junior shooters and another handful of ladies show up.  Many of them shot very well.  Cody Joerndt, a young shooter from Burlington, broke his first ever 25-straight as well.

Rick set the targets beautifully, and the scores showed it.  We also had many compliments from the shooters, which always makes you feel good.

We only had one significant issue the whole day, and it came in the doubles.  Both of the doubles traps were breaking lots of targets, causing some frustration for the shooters on the line and slowing down the progress of the shoot.  After some investigation, a simple changing of the arm on these Pat Traps was all that was needed to resolve the issue.  We will keep this in mind for the upcoming ATA shoots and will make sure the arms are ready to go next time.  Thanks to the shooters who struggled through all of the breaks.

High scores for the day were as follows:
  • Singles: Richard Reading (St. Francis) - 99 x 100
  • Handicap: Bryon Fennig (Wind Lake) - 98 x 100
  • Doubles: Robert Okray (Milwaukee) - 96 x 100
I only managed to find enough time to shoot the doubles.  I wasn't expecting a very stellar performance since the last time I had shot doubles was at the Breast Cancer Shoot at Boxhorn in October.  After starting off with a 7 on my first post, I was preparing myself for what could be my lowest score in a long time.  I was able to compose myself somewhat, only having a few brain farts after that.  My final score was a 91.  I managed to keep my streak alive...I haven't shot a score less than 90 in doubles since 2001.

Our next scheduled ATA shoots at Boxhorn are:
  • Sunday, May 23rd
  • Sunday, June 6th
  • Sunday, June 20th
  • Sunday, July 11th
  • Sunday, July 25th
See our program for more details:


    Anonymous said...

    Sounds like you had more fun than the WGC club shoot. What a joke from what it was. Some of the events didn't have trophies.

    No lewis class; only the high score in each event had an award.
    Even the food was so so.

    But the best part was that the sporting clays shooters and five stand shooters were charged less than the skeet & trap shooters!

    Never again. Lots of people disappointed.

    Anonymous said...

    Congratulations Rick and Dan!!. I'm glad the shoot went well for you and hopefully it will be something to build on for your future shoots.

    I'm watching with much curiousity to see if Boxhorn's can get back it's registered shooting program. In my early days, I shot a large number of my ATA targets at Boxhorn's.

    I'm sorry to hear that other shooter who responded did not have a good day shooting. If we knew who he was, maybe we could address it. Oh well !!


    Anonymous said...

    I had a pretty good day at Boxhorns. The food was great!! The only comment that I would have is why wait till everyone is done shooting one event to start another. That really slows the shoot down. There are other clubs that start shooting the next event when the last squad of the previous event starts shooting on the third trap. Really helps keep the shoot moving and helps avoid being there till 6.

    Keith Ervin

    Dan said...


    Thanks for the feedback. We do realize that there was some unnecessary downtime between the singles and handicap. We will definitely be removing that for the next shoot. The real cause for being there until 6 was the issue with the doubles traps...that made the doubles take twice as long as they should have. We'll have that ironed out too for the next one. Thanks for coming out...hope to see you at the next shoot!


    Anonymous said...

    Dan, FYI breaking doubles targets at Boxhorn is NOT a recent occurrence! Don't know why, but it is the one thing you can always depend on at Boxhorn. Broken doubles targets. That I don't understand as there isn't that problem with the 16's and handicap.

    Dan said...

    That may be the case. Frankly, I never noticed any problems with doubles targets in the past. I'm pretty confident we've solved that problem for good (as long as we stay on top of it). The next shoot will really show us whether or not it's fixed. I can't take credit for discovering the fix, however, the reason I've been brought on to assist with the ATA shoots is to make sure that things like this are applied going forward.

    The next shoot is this coming weekend, hope to see you all there!


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