Monday, May 3, 2010

I like streaking...

Don't get all hot and bothered.  I won't be disrobing and commencing an awkwardly disgusting trot around the neighborhood.

I will, however, share with you some information I discovered about my streak that I mentioned in my previous post.  I was curious as to how I can put the streak into perspective for myself so I can understand whether it's a notable streak or not.  Here's what I found:
  • My last doubles score that was less than 90 was an 86 which I shot on May 12th, 2001 at Janesville.
  • That's 8 years, 11 months, and 21 days from today (5/3/2010)
  • W was in his second year of his first term in office
  • 9/11 hadn't happened yet
  • Jay Adams, the Wisconsin ATA Delegate, was still in high school
  • Kyle Wojicechowski, Wisconsin Alternate Delegate, was still in middle school
  • Since that score, I've shot 20,600 registered doubles targets
  • That's almost half of my lifetime doubles targets shot (41,550)
  • Since that score of 86, I have averaged 97.40% in doubles (including my 91 from yesterday)
  • In that time frame, I've registered 13,600 singles (98.06% average) and 16,900 handicap (88.99% average)...a total of 51,200 registered targets
  • Composite average over that period of time: 94.81%
It's interesting to see the numbers.  I feel it's important to look back at your shooting over the years to see how you're progressing.  For me, it reveals that my singles and doubles have been solid, and that if I hadn't had a couple really amazing trips out to Spanish Fork Gun Club (Utah), my handicap average over that period is pretty embarrassing.

Man, looking at this streak has made me depressed about my handicap shooting.

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Dave Eberhart said...

Dan, I would be interested in a post on how you got to AAA27AAA.

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