Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Great Place To Work...

I just came across this recent article on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's website that details the top companies to work for in Southeast Wisconsin.  The company I work for was named the second best place to work for companies with greater than 500 employees.  Pretty cool.

What I thought was even cooler was that the Mayville Engineering Company (better known to shotgun enthusiasts throughout the world as MEC), was named one of the top midsized companies (between 150 and 499 employees) to work for.  This midsized engineering company based in a small town of just over 5,200 residents is the top producer of shotgun shell reloaders in the world.  They're employee owned and they have operations in Mayville, Beaver Dam, Neilsville, and Berlin, Wisconsin.

Congratulations to MEC for achieving the distinction of one of the best places to work in Southeast Wisconsin.  For more information about MEC, see their profile on the Journal Sentinel's website or visit the MEC corporate website at

I'm wanting to get back into reloading...maybe this posting will get me a sweet deal on a new 12 gauge 9000G.

I have no shame whatsoever...

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