Monday, June 7, 2010

Boxhorn ATA Summary from 6/6

As I was heading to the club yesterday morning, I happened to notice that the trees were pretty active. Not usually a good sign for an ATA shoot as shooters tend to be a little skittish when there's a stiff breeze.

By 10 AM (the scheduled start time) we only had a couple squads signed up. I had noticed at the last two of our shoots that people rolled in sort of late, so I was hoping we'd see a few of those stragglers. It turned out that there were a bunch of people that signed up late. In the end, we had 6 squads (21 entries) in the singles, 5 squads (17 entries) in the handicap, and 3 squads (13 entries) in the doubles. All in all, not a bad day considering the weather (windy with a chance for rain) and the fact that we were going up against the WTA Zone and Burlington Money Shoots.

Being that this shoot was our first one which offered trophies this year, we were dependent on a decent turnout in order to be able to award trophies. We had enough shooters to be able to give out $20 and $15 cash prizes. Not too bad for a smaller shoot.

Here are the trophy winners for each event:

Singles (21 entries)
AA: Bob Okray - 96
A: Randy Tersen - 98
B: Scott McGregor - 95
C: Alex Peterson - 89
D: Richard Forgue - 84
Lady: Mary Thanos - 89
Vet: Nick Thanos - 93 (24-20 shootoff over Mel Schulz)
Junior: Jordan Hintz - 95

Handicap (17 entries)
18-21: Chuck Kalupa and Jordan Hintz 94 (split)
22-24: Ron Wahl - 90
25-26: Randy Tersen - 89

Doubles (13 entries)
A: Dan Murphy - 96
B: Nick Thanos - 89
C: Jordan Hintz - 91
D: Chuck Kalupa - 86

Congratulations to everyone who won something, and a special congratulations go out to Scott McGregor. Scott is a recent Boxhorn-league-shooter-turned-ATA-shooter. Sunday was his second ever registered shoot, and he won class B in the singles with a 95, breaking his first ever 50-straight in the process! Here's a picture of him holding his new 50 patch.

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Dave Eberhart said...

Nice shooting in doubles Dan. Good to see a league shooter participating in ATA.

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