Monday, June 28, 2010

Planning a visit with MEC, and I need your help!

So, remember that posting I did a few weeks back about MEC and how they're a great place to work?  I wrote that post because when I stumbled across that article in the Journal Sentinel, I immediately felt proud that a company affiliated with the shooting sports was receiving accolades.

Well, apparently MEC was happy that I noticed the article and took time to blog about it...

The day after I posted it, I got a message from the assistant to the CEO from MEC, thanking me for the kind words and asking me to call them because the CEO would like to speak to me about my article.  I was dumbfounded!  That post was only the 11th for my blog at that time, and I never expected having the opportunity to speak to the CEO of ANY company, let alone one of the most respected companies in the state and in the worldwide shooting community!

The assistant who initially contacted me is Linda Williams, and she found my blog because she setup a Google alert which notified her of any content on the web pertaining to MEC.  Once I posted my article, she got an alert sent directly to her...simple as that.  Speaking to her, I got a sense that she and MEC are very in tune with the ever changing marketing that companies need to engage in to stay competitive these days.  I also got a sense that there's a lot of employee pride at MEC, and I'm sure that part of the reason is the fact that it is entirely employee-owned.

Linda put me in touch with the CEO, Bob Kamphuis (pronounced Camp-house).  Bob is very personable and I got the feeling that he's extremely down to earth considering he's the CEO of a company that is a worldwide leader in its industry.  Bob expressed his gratitude for my article, and he invited me to visit MEC so I could meet him and Dave Kern, head of the reloading division. I enthusiastically accepted his invitation and asked if I could take a tour of the facilities and blog about the whole experience.  They said "yes", and on this Friday (July 2nd), I'm heading to Mayville to visit MEC.

This is an opportunity for me gather information about MEC which may not be widely known, and it's also an opportunity for me to ask them questions on behalf of the general shooting public.  I urge anyone who is curious to know anything about MEC to send me a message with your question.  I will attempt to ask every question that's sent to me, and I will write at least one follow-up article with all of the information that I gained, and maybe even some pictures and videos from the visit.

You might be asking me, "how can I send you a message, Dan?"  There are a few ways to do so.  The best way is to leave a comment on this article.  If you don't know how to do that, you can visit this link for instructions.  Alternate ways you can message me are by e-mail at, or if you are on Twitter you can follow and DM me @deadpair, or if you got to this article via a posting in a forum or discussion thread you can post your questions/topics in response to the posting there.  I will check all of these locations and compile everything prior to my visit.

I hope to have lots of questions from you guys by Friday!


Sara A Broers said...

Glad I found you and your blog!

Dave Eberhart said...

Wow, thats cool Dan. Nice going. I'm always curious as to how US manufacturers can compete with cheap overseas labor. I think I know the answer but would be curious as to what they say.

Rick Goshgarian said...

I've been buying Mec products for 40 yrs and would never consider anything else. They treat you like family and make a terrific product for a fair price.

Best of success in the future for MEC. Ask about the new reloader they are working on.

Rick Goshgarian

Jason King said...

Even the MEC Jr. is a workhorse. I've seen and used ancient ones that still crank 'em out!

Greg Sliker said...

Actually no questions off the top of my head but if you could say "Thank You" from me I'd appreciate it. Proud owner and daily user of a 9000H and for experiments a Sizemaster.

Dan said...

Thanks for all your questions/comments! Check back in a couple days for the story from my visit.

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