Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oshkosh native sets shooting World Record

Most of you probably know that Patrick Flanigan is a trick shooter for Winchester.  You probably are also aware that he's an Oshkosh native.  I've seen him perform a few times at the Grand, and my impression of him was that he is great entertainer and obviously a fantastic shot.  You can tell from watching him that he's a perfectionist.

Well, just recently, Patrick perfected an amazing feat.  He became the first person in the world to break a stack of seven (7) hand-thrown targets from the hip, with only ONE HAND on the gun!  I've tried shooting one-handed before, and it's rather difficult.  So is shooting from the hip.  So is breaking ONE hand-thrown target.  If you put all those variables together, one figures it has to be mighty difficult to do what he did.

There are a couple videos of him achieving this world record...the first shows him breaking the targets, and the second shows him while he's shooting.  Apparently there are a couple more angles that were shot of him doing this, but they won't be able to be seen until the TV show he was working on is complete.

Congratulations to Patrick on your amazing accomplishment!  It looks pretty difficult, though, so I think I'll just stick to my trapshooting.

First video:
Second video:

Patrick's website is  He is also on Twitter ( and Facebook (!/profile.php?id=506876937&ref=ts).

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