Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Boxhorn ATA Wrap-up: 6/20/2010

I wanted to write a nice piece on the shoot held at Boxhorn last weekend, but haven't had time.  I'll just post a few things and then I'll do a follow up entry with more of my thoughts about how the ATA program is progressing this year.  For now, a summary of our Father's Day shoot is all I have.

The weather was near perfect...hardly any wind, comfortable temperatures (upper 70s), and the light was excellent.  The targets were set perfectly (credit Tom Pilak), and for the first time all year, the doubles event had hardly any broken targets (Rick found an issue with a PAT trap part that was causing the elevator to break the second target).

The only problem was that we didn't have a great turnout...just an OK one.  55 total entries, which is 4 more than we had for our previous shoot.  I heard Darien had less than us.  The only other club in the state throwing registered targets on Father's Day was Eau Claire.

Bob Klobuchar beat out Jordan Hintz in the Magic Number shoot off, and walked away with a special Brewers package worth over $120.  Bob and Jordan both were victors in each event that they entered.  Kevin Longberg registered his first ever 25-straight in the singles event, and tied for Class D with a 94.  Here he is receiving his patch:

Here are the full results:

Singles (22 entries)
AA: Bob Okray, 98x100 (Mike Nawikas forfeit)
A: Bob Klobuchar, 100x100
B: Don Liedtke, 97x100
C: None
D: Norman Thorpe, 94x100 (won coin toss over Kevin Longberg)
Veteran: Ed Fish, 96x100
Lady: None
Junior: None

Handicap (22 entries)
18-21 yd: Jordan Hintz, 93x100
22-24 yd: Bob Klobuchar, 91x100 (20-24 shootoff over Bryon Fennig 20-22)
25-26 yd: Randy Tersen, 92x100

Doubles (11 entries)
A: Dan Murphy, 97x100
B: Jordan Hintz, 91x100
C: Bob Klobuchar, 93x100
D: Larry Wahl, 64x100

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Dave Eberhart said...

Nice shooting Dan, sounds like a good turnout for a holiday weekend.

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