Monday, June 28, 2010

Want to comment on my blog but don't know how?

I haven't had a lot of people commenting directly on my posts here, so I wanted to write up a quick guide for how to submit a comment to something that I've posted, just in case people are having troubles.  You can test these instructions out right here on this posting if you want, so that you are well practiced before replying to any of my other posts.

If you've read my article and wish to leave a post, follow these steps:
  1. If you're not already at the bottom of the article, go to the bottom and click the text that says 0 comments.  NOTE: it may have other values instead of 0, for example, 4 comments.  See the below image for a visual example.

  2. Once you click the comments link, a window will pop up for you to type your comment.  If there are many comments, and you don't wish to read through all of them, click the Jump to comment form link at the top of the window or scroll to the very bottom

  3. Type your comment in the Leave your comment section of the window

  4. After you type your comment, immediately under the comment box you will see a randomly generated word or phrase.  You need to type that word or phrase into the Word Verification box

  5. Next, you need to select an option under the Choose an identity section
    • If you don't have a Google account or an OpenID, you can choose to enter your name or submit your post anonymously
      • Select the Name/URL option if you want to enter your name and/or a web address if you have one
      • Select the Anonymous option if you wish to submit your post completely anonymously
    • If you have a Google/Gmail account or an OpenID, select the corresponding option and enter your credentials

  6. Click the Preview button if you wish to see how your comment will look before submitting

  7. Finally, click the Publish Your Comment button to submit your comment
That's all you have to do!  Feel free to test this out right now on this post. If you have other questions about how to use this blog, feel free to ask them by submitting a comment, or you can e-mail me at

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kmurray said...

Now this is just a smart post! Kudos to you for thinking of it.

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